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How to order: Services


Accessing Your Subscription

At our Plans & Pricing page, you have the option of selecting from several Compounding Insight issues each one focusing on a different medical specialty. You may change specialties segments each month if you wish. 

After completing the ordering process, we will reach out to you via email to complete the on boarding process.  We will need a send a useable copy of your logo, and other demographic information so that we can customize your documents.  At that we will also ask you to pick which Compounding Insight issues you would like to subscribe to for that month.  An email with the attachments will be sent to you that will contain a MS Word Document and a PDF formats of the file.  Each subsequent month, we will send you an email to confirm which issue you would like sent.  You may change the issue you receive each month.  You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.  As you know, sales and marketing effort takes time to develop.  We recommend at least 3 to 6 months of continued effort before results can be expected.

​Should you require assistance, please reach out to for help.

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