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That's okay, I didn't have a sales team when I started my Compounding Only Pharmacy 15 years ago!  What I did have is the advantage of personal relations with providers and the ability to speak with medical offices everyday...and that's priceless!

Do you have a Casher or Pharmacy Technician?  If so, you have a mini sales team...lets use them.  For ten minutes a day,  I utilized my pharmacy staff to FAX Compounding Insight information flyers to offices I had existing relationships with.  It contains everything that a provider needs to learn about a new research based compound (with references), how to write for the compound and a convenient check box style Rx Pad that is customizable to fit your logo, colors and brand image.


Great.  Are they using their time effectively?  Do they spend 95% of their time in the field selling or do they spend valuable time researching, creating, editing, trying to make professional looking word documents and PDFs?  Do you have to spend your time brain storming new compounding ideas for them?  Can you use your time in better ways?  For me, freeing up time using Compounding Insight has allowed me to attend sales calls and thus helping close sales while building relationships with providers.  

Let Compounding Insights be your Marketing Department and free up valuable time for you and your sales team.

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